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The Canadian Congress On Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity (CCIDWE)

Who we are!

The Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity (CCIDWE) team is comprised of a group of seasoned diversity, inclusion, and equity experts, consultants, and trainers from around the world who are passionate about ending systemic racism.

Our experts have over 300 years of combined experience. Each team member is able to offer a variety of strategic services that organizations, institutions, and arms of the government require to foster innovative leadership, increase profitable growth, and build more cohesive and progressive corporate cultures.

What we do!

Our team of talented professionals all have their sleeves rolled up and are ready to share the strategic skills and knowledge you need to transform your organization’s workplace culture.

We never take a ‘one solution fits all approach’. Our team understands that each organization is a unique entity and therefore customizes solutions according to the psyche of each client.

Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with our experts today and discover how CCIDWE can help you to successfully transform your workplace culture, adapt to the latest trends in diversity, inclusion, and equity, and ultimately thrive in this century.



Innovative Leadership & Profitable Growth through Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity


Our team of seasoned experts are committed to educating, equipping, and empowering leaders to foster innovative leadership, increase profitable growth and build cohesive and progressive corporate culture through Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity.


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Inclusive Diversity

Robust diversity and inclusion strategies can help your organization attract and retain top talent.


Workplace Equity

An equitable work environment is advantageous for both employees and employers.


Innovative Leadership

Innovative leadership is the key to inspiring your team and stimulating creative ideas and solutions.


Cohesive Culture

When an organization prioritizes having a cohesive culture, everyone moves in the same direction.


Profitable Growth

Profitability and growth go hand-in-hand and collectively lead to organizational success.

Remember, systemic racism won’t end unless we actively fight it.

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