George Floyd Memorial Lecture: A Path to Justice, Reconciliation, and Global Equity

May 25, 2021 09:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

How has and should the murder of George impact the status quo in the power bloc of this nation?

What are the judicial, academic, economic, corporate and societal changes required to avoid a George-Floyd situation in Canada?

How did we get here and how can we move forward?

What are the strategic and systematic solutions to systemic racism and other social justice issues so “we can breathe”?

Regardless of colour, creed, gender or socioeconomic background, how can we come together as Canadians to stand for social justice?

What are the racialized and prejudicial thoughts you may be struggling with unconsciously based on the fear of being among peers, neighbourhood, who do not look, talk or think like you?

What are the path for ethnic reconciliation and national equity?

The objective is not necessarily to ignite the pain of the unfortunate event but to bring hope, to inspire the expected hundreds of participants and thousands of online viewers to challenge everyone to not be silent when other people are being oppressed or their life is being taken – whether overtly or covertly.

We have invited a group of dignitaries like our Canadian celebrities, athletes, mayors, and government officials to deliver a pep talk on the theme for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, the duration George Floyd was held down until death, and we are inviting you to register by clicking here.

Our speaker will be sharing perspectives on the incident and verdict with hundred of participants audience and thousands of online viewers, along with philosophical, physiological, psychological, or spiritual insights on how to conquer racial fear, bridge racial gaps, & foster unity and harmony.

In the words of a highly celebrated Canadian hero,
“We mourn the death of those who suffered at the hands of injustice and recognize there is so much suffering worldwide and even in our backyard. Let us bend a knee for our aboriginal brothers & sisters who don’t have a voice in the media to tell us their truths.”

Mar 25, 2021 09:30 AM
In Eastern Time (the US And Canada)